Investing in housing and infrastructure to create a place to live and work.

Focussing on transport links, business space, housing and the environment, the Enterprise Zone will work in tandem with local partners and the local community to make positive lasting change to the town.

With Newhaven experiencing population growth (9%) above the national average (8%) the Enterprise Zone will support new, high-quality, affordable housing that’s built by local housebuilders in an innovative way and will promote new solutions to meet the need for new homes.

Key aims

  • To prioritise investment in transport plans for improvements to the A26, A27 and A259
  • To support local housebuilders to create high-quality housing developments
  • Promote private and public sector investment into the creation and refurbishment of employment floor space
  • Work with partners to deliver key projects around reducing the amount of carbon released into the environment

Creating a place to live and work

With businesses within the Enterprise Zone currently employing approximately 1,800 people and a large percentage of employees commuting to and from the town, it’s integral that the town’s housing offer improves and we create a place where people want to live and work.

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