Newhaven Investment Fund

Newhaven Sites & Empty Property Fund

– 2023-2026 –

02 Newhaven Sites & Empty Property Fund

The fund will finance feasibility studies, masterplans, site investigations, pre-planning and business case development to support the case for commercial sites that have remained undeveloped for over twelve months to raise finance.

The fund will be open to all businesses and landowners located in the BN9 Postcode. 50% match funding is required up to a maximum grant of £25,000.

Projects will need to meet the following criteria:

  • Support our Strategic Objectives
  • Leverage investment (a minimum of 1:1)
  • Demonstrate impact and benefits
  • Demonstrate value for money
  • Will be delivered within a 12-month period

    Section 1 – Contact Information

    Section 2 – Tell us about your business / organisation

    Section 3 – Project Summary

    Please enter the value of the investment funding required (indicative):

    Section 4 – Indicative Outputs

    Please list the expected outcome that would be secured as a direct result of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone Investment:

    (1) Grants will be paid on completion of the project. Projects that have already started or completed cannot be retrospectively funded.

    Section 5 – Eligibility Checklist

    Please confirm your organisation’s eligibility by answering the questions below:

    Your project will operate in the Newhaven BN9 postcode area

    To be eligible, businesses must meet the following criteria:

    Fewer than 250 FTEs (full time employees)

    A balance sheet of less than £39M

    Turnover of less than £44m

    Have a business bank account

    Are able to provide evidence of full-time trading i.e., bank statements, 2 Years of accounts etc

    The applicant does not have a County Court Judgement

    The applicant is not in debt to Lewes District Council

    The applicant has not received more than £315,000 of state aid (in the last three years)

    The applicant will provide a minimum of 50% match funding investment towards the project

    Section 5 – Declaration

    I confirm that the information provided above is accurate and if successful the company will be submitting a full application.


    An expression of interest does not constitute an application for or an agreement to funding.