– 2023-2026 –

04 Low Carbon Investment Fund

As part of the process for assisting SMEs in Newhaven to move towards net zero operation, the NEZ will pilot a new Low Carbon Investment Fund.  The Low Carbon Investment Fund is for any company with a base within the BN9 postcode that wishes to pursue business growth by developing low carbon products and/or incorporating low carbon processes or services.  This may be achieved through pure research and development (R&D), capital investment or environmental aid support.

This grant is primarily focused on supporting projects that will help the transition to a low carbon economy.  This may include, but is not limited to, developing:

  • A new product or service, or introducing new technology that will use less energy, produce less waste, reduce emissions and use less raw material in its manufacture than the existing alternative.
  • New business models based on the principles of the circular economy, for example, through circular supplies, resource recovery, product life extension, use of sharing platforms or delivery of a ‘product-as-a-service’.

Projects will need to meet the following criteria:

  • SME business operating in Newhaven
  • Leverage investment (a minimum of 1:1)
  • Demonstrate net zero benefits
  • Will be delivered within a 12-month period

    Section 1 – Contact Information

    Section 2 – Tell us about your business / organisation

    Section 3 – Project Summary

    Please enter the value of the investment funding required (indicative):

    Section 4 – Indicative Outputs

    Please list the expected outcome that would be secured as a direct result of the Newhaven Enterprise Zone Investment:

    (1) Grants will be paid on completion of the project. Projects that have already started or completed cannot be retrospectively funded.

    Section 5 – Eligibility Checklist

    Please confirm your organisation’s eligibility by answering the questions below:

    Your project will operate in the Newhaven BN9 postcode area

    To be eligible, businesses must meet the following criteria:

    Fewer than 250 FTEs (full time employees)

    A balance sheet of less than £39M

    Turnover of less than £44m

    Have a business bank account

    Are able to provide evidence of full-time trading i.e., bank statements, 2 Years of accounts etc

    The applicant does not have a County Court Judgement

    The applicant is not in debt to Lewes District Council

    The applicant has not received more than £315,000 of state aid (in the last three years)

    The applicant will provide a minimum of 50% match funding investment towards the project

    Section 5 – Declaration

    I confirm that the information provided above is accurate and if successful the company will be submitting a full application.


    An expression of interest does not constitute an application for or an agreement to funding.