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Meet Brett Pearson from Locate East Sussex

Introducing Brett Pearson, Director at Locate East Sussex, which has helped numerous businesses to make Newhaven their home including award-winning vegan toffee manufacturer Jeavons Toffee, award-winning creative design and props manufacturer Hello Flamingo and vegan skincare and sustainable lifestyle brand Take Good Care to name a few.

Locate East Sussex provides access to a wealth of knowledge about locations and industry sectors in the county, as well as access to financial and set-up support and information ranging from property to infrastructure and workforce skills.

So what is it about our town that means so many businesses are flocking to Newhaven?

We caught up with Brett to find out more.

How would you describe Newhaven?

A sleeping gem. There has been, and will be, substantial ongoing investment in making Newhaven even more attractive to businesses for them to relocate and grow. Our story hasn’t finished yet.

What’s Newhaven’s best kept secret?

Newhaven Enterprise Centre. Tucked away on Denton Island, it houses growing businesses and has extremely helpful business support staff on site.

What’s your favourite place in Newhaven?

The Fort as the history is interesting and it has some spectacular views.

Tell us about your relationship with Newhaven Enterprise Zone and how you work together?

Newhaven Enterprise Zone has been a game changer for the town’s businesses, and as Director for the Locate East Sussex service, we have been involved from the start in driving new businesses to set up in Newhaven, and thereby improving local employment, and the economy of the town in general.

What do you think makes Newhaven a great place to base a business?

It has a very friendly and supportive network available to businesses.

Newhaven Enterprise Zone’s management team has been very focused on what needed to happen to make it a success.

Having that clarity of mission made it easier for us at Locate to help introduce new businesses to the town, as expert support was virtually guaranteed with everyone wanting to make it a success.

What advice would you have for businesses looking to relocate to Newhaven?

Be quick off the mark! As we have been so successful in attracting businesses to Newhaven, we need more space to accommodate the growing demand.

Tell us what you love about Newhaven?

The fact that the majority of people I have had the pleasure of dealing with really want it to succeed, for everyone’s sake, not just their own.

What would you like Newhaven Enterprise Zone to spend its funding on in the town?

Ensuring that investments are cyclical so we can support continued growth is paramount. Whilst grants are great for businesses to get “free money” I also think low-cost loans have a very important place, as the repayments can be continually reinvested in ongoing projects.

Grants can only fund one project and that’s it, but loans can be a continual source of funding for businesses for the future. As each Newhaven company pays back their loan, this funding becomes available for the next business.

This helps engender a team spirit, so everyone involved has the future of Newhaven at heart.

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