High-quality, bespoke business units avaliable.

Eastside South is a strong option for a business looking to grow. The business park is already home to ValetPRO – producer of the highest quality car care products and Surrey NanoSystems – Newhaven inventors of the world’s blackest black.

With excellent transport connections and the opportunity to develop industrial/warehouse facilities there are opportunities for bespoke development.

Currently there are two lets available for a total of 8,000ft as well as opportunity with within Swallows (66,000ft). For more information about these opportunities, please use the contact details below.


Key Facts

Ownership: Westcott Leach
Size: 2.26ha
Uses: Industrial or warehouse facilities
Access: B2109, Newhaven train station
Developments planned: LW/17/0486, LW/16/0420
Planning classification: B1 and C8

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Westcott Leach
Tel: 01825 873181

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Look who's already here

Surrey NanoSystems

Inventors of the world's blackest black, Surrey Nanosystems is the creator of Vantablack - the material that can help to detect the faintest stars thousands of light years away.

Valet Pro

ValetPRO produces the highest quality car care products and is the trusted brand of choice for retailers and car care enthusiasts.

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