High-quality, bespoke business units available.

Eastside South is a strong option for a business looking to grow. The business park is already home to ValetPRO – producer of the highest quality car care products and Surrey NanoSystems – Newhaven inventors of the world’s blackest black.

With excellent transport connections and the opportunity to develop industrial/warehouse facilities there are opportunities for bespoke development.

Currently there are two lets available for a total of 8,000ft as well as opportunity with within Swallows (66,000ft). For more information about these opportunities, please use the contact details below.

Newhaven Zone Eastside South

Ownership: Westcott Leach

Size: 2.26ha

Uses: Industrial or warehouse facilities

Access: B2109, Newhaven train station

Developments planned: LW/17/0486, LW/16/0420

Planning classification: B1 and C8

Interested in this location?

Use the contact details below to contact the land owner and find out more information.

Westcott Leach