What is Creative Newhaven?

Welcome to the Creative Newhaven group page.
Developing a supportive infrastructure to harness Newhaven’s creative talent & potential for the town’s benefit.

Here you will find information about the group and how we are supporting creativity in Newhaven.

In 2022 at least £119,000 of inward investment was attracted into the arts in Newhaven from sources other than the EZ. Read about this and the other ways that the EZ is increasing capacity and achieving regeneration through the arts in the 2022 evaluation, Executive Summary and Full Report.

Catch up on the latest from the group’s meetings


September 2022 meeting minutes

July 2022 meeting minutes
May 2022 meeting minutes
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February 2022 meeting minutes
January 2022 meeting minutes
CNWG December 2021 meeting minutes
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2023 CNWG meeting dates:

1pm Tuesday 17 January – Teams
10am Thursday 16 March – Hillcrest Centre
2pm Monday 15 May – Hillcrest Centre
4pm Thursday 20 July – Hillcrest Centre
6pm Thursday 21 September – Teams
10am Thursday 16 November – Hillcrest Centre


Meet the group

We’ve listed some of the members of the group who are all happy to be contacted about the group’s, or their work.

Art in Place Sussex, community galleries, creative spaces, public realm art, www.artinplacesussex.co.uk

Flo Bradbury (Creative Director) and Jack Idle (Managing Director), Jolly Newhaven (Opening 2023), Hours Group Ltd, Jollynewhaven.com, @jollynewhaven

Floella@jollynewhaven.com  jack@jollynewhaven.com

Helen Browning-Smith, Tourism & Arts Manager, Lewes District Council, Helen.browning-smith@lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk

Sara Clifford, Playwright &  Artistic Director and Producer, Inroads Productions, www.inroads.org.uk, inroadsproductions@mac.com

Chris Cook, Chairperson, Newhaven Art & Photography Club, newhavenartclub@hotmail.com, Newhaven Art Club

Lisa Fairfield, Artistic Director and Producer for Ignite Theatre, www.ignite-theatre.com, hello.ignite.theatre@gmail.com, ignitefringe (fb) Ignite.company (Instagram)

Jenny Flood, Trustee, Newhaven Museum, newhavenhistory.jenny@gmail.com, www.newhavenhistoricalsociety.org.uk

Haven Young Creatives, A youth-led theatre company working with young people, havenyoungcreatives@gmail.com, @haven.youngcreatives

Angi Mariani, Producer for Latest TV Ltd, angi@thelatest.co.uk @latesttvbtn and Cathy Smith, Director, Latest Group CIC, Teacher/Facilitator on ESCG Diploma In Streaming Technologies Course making creative content for Newhaven TV, cathy@thelatest.co.uk

Ben May, Co-Director, Play On, ben@playonshaspeare.com @playonwilliam

Newhaven Art Projects, Non-profit providing opportunity through contemporary art and education, www.newhavenartprojects.co.uk, newhavenartprojects@gmail.com, @newhavenartprojects

Diets Verschuren, Trustee for Hillcrest Community Partnership, Diets@hillcrestcentre.co.uk

Nick Stockman, Group Coordinator & Newhaven Creative Producer, creative@newhavenenterprisezone.com

* The group photo does not necessarily feature all the members listed!



The Creative Workspaces Survey

Between December 2021 and January 2022 the Enterprise Zone shared a survey asking questions about demand for creative workspace in Newhaven. There were 66 respondents to the survey questions and you can read the report on their feedback here. Read the Creative Workspaces Survey report

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Would you like to get involved or do you have a question? Get in touch with Nick at creative@newhavenenterprisezone.com.


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Our Supporters

A big shout out and thank you to the people who work at the following companies for supporting and championing the work of Creative Newhaven. We salute you!