Recap - Newhaven Champions Meeting, 26 April

Posted on 28/04/2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first in-person Newhaven Champions at Newhaven Fort on 26 April.

We heard from two excellent guest speakers, Sarah Dance, Chair at Creative Estuary and Project Director at England’s Creative Coast, and Joe Hill, Director of Towner Eastbourne

They discussed how to build legacy, how programming can speak to both grassroots and a wider ambition, and how to create and sustain creative consortia that can support and enable that work to happen.

Throughout the meeting, the duo circled back to how we can work to successfully creatively champion Newhaven.

Sarah shared two videos at the meeting to show the two projects she has recently worked on. 'England's Creative Coast' and the 'Creative Estuary Project' videos can be viewed below:

The aim of  both of these projects was to connect local residents with creative artworks through local partnerships, art trails and self-built itineraries, creating a cultural experience and discovering new hidden treasures. Sarah hopes that these projects will help creatives to collaborate, grow and prosper for years to come, while focusing on diversity, resilience and adaptability, themes that we hope to replicate in Newhaven.

For any further information or if you'd like to attend the next Champions Meeting, please get in touch by emailing us at


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