We are hiring: Newhaven Creative Producer

Posted on 07/07/2021

Together with Towner Eastbourne, we are looking for a new Creative Producer, a dynamic new role with responsibility for implementing and developing the Creative Newhaven action plan.

If you enjoy supporting others, working with different art forms, community and partnership building and spotting new opportunities this role would be ideal for you.

Title: Newhaven Creative Producer

Contract: One year (FTE)

Location: Towner Eastbourne and Newhaven

Hours: Full-time

The role: The Creative Newhaven action plan is currently focused on three areas and this role will play a crucial part in ensuring their development:

  1. Co-ordination: bringing together activities, approaches, resources, and ideas. Agreeing common goals.
  2. Communication: increasing local awareness, knowledge exchange, improving effectiveness. This could be as simple as a ‘clash’ diary.
  3. Collaboration: opening up opportunities for more organisations and artists to work together, determining a shared purpose, building (and/or strengthening networks), establishing shared resources.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 21 July 2021. Interviews will take place from 2 August 2021. For more details please click on the following links below:

For more information, please contact us at hello@newhavenenterprisezone.com.

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