Improvements for Avis Way Industrial Estate

Posted on 26/01/2021

The Avis Way Estate is the heart of manufacturing in Newhaven and accommodates over 100 businesses. Newhaven Enterprise Zone (NEZ) began working closely with the Avis Way & North Quay businesses to ensure a plan was established based on business need and opportunities. Two years ago, the NEZ received funding from the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP) through their Sector Support Funding which then implemented a plan and helped set up the Avis Way & North Quay Business Forum, which now has an active membership of 30 businesses meeting regularly.

We have been working closely with cultural placemaking and environmental graphic designer, Richard Wolfstrome, to agree on improvements for Avis Way with the sector-support funding we have received. There has been a firm commitment that the Avis Way & North Quay businesses will be involved with the plan’s development, delivery and monitoring.

This is a plan for action that sets the framework to create a well-connected and vibrant manufacturing business district. Please see some examples for Avis Way narrative wayfinding below. We will be sharing the final plans with Newhaven's businesses and community soon.

Here is one option for the 'Avis Way' lettering that will be placed on top of the wall and can be seen as you turn onto Avis Way via A26/New Road. The letters themselves will be lit for greater visibility during low-light conditions and in the evening, especially during winter:

Here's one option for sculptured seating that will utilise green spaces effectively and encourage more time outside for coffee/lunch breaks, meetings, etc. The large 'A' and 'W' will bring a greater sense of wellbeing to those that use it and work in Avis Way:

Here's the concept for the Avis Way map, we are simplifying wayfinding and informing visitors at points of decision-making. This avoids excess information and the need for burdensome changes with future company updates:

These are just some of the plans for Avis Way, we have more to share with the businesses and residents of Newhaven when we finalise the plan. For any further information or if you have any questions, please do get in touch with us by emailing

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