Do you have a Newhaven ghost story to tell?

"No ghost was ever seen by two pairs of eyes." - Thomas Carlyle

Inroads is a writer-led company, formed by Writer and Director, Sara Clifford, who is partnering with Newhaven Town Council & Goldsmiths University to begin by gathering ghost stories and interviews for a new community performance of Two Pairs of Eyes.

Two Pairs of Eyes is one of the recipients of the £30,000 seed funding from Farnham Maltings, for the development of four new theatre projects in the South East, focusing on original and unlikely alliances between theatre makers and communities. This is designed for the testing and creation of new theatre connecting broader audiences in new places with new experiences.

The team have been actively searching for ghost stories of Newhaven to feature in the upcoming production that will be ready to perform in 2021. If you have a ghost story to tell, then please get in touch with the team at or visit the website for more information

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