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Posted on 17/08/2020

East Sussex College Group (ESCG) are an established provider of bespoke training and support solutions to businesses. It works with companies to fill training gaps, offer advice on training funding, ensure that that training meets the needs of employees and support development through training progression.

ESCG has partnered with Sussex Skills Solutions to bring an innovative approach to the delivery of apprenticeships and employer focuses skills training in the South East.

As the leading apprenticeship and skills training provider, Sussex Skills Solutions has created a range of fully online accredited Level 2 qualifications that are flexible and achievable in 8 - 12 weeks. Each course will have regular support and feedback from the qualified team.

There a range of course to choose from, such as:

Digital Skills for Work: Become qualified in the use of the latest digital applications use in the workplace e.g. Teams, Zoom, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

LEAN Management: Develop valuable skills to support the improvement of business performance.

Equality and Diversity: Raise awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity in the workplace.

Mental Health First Aid: Develop skills to support colleagues with mental health issues.

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