'Won't be Druv' screening

Posted on 20/08/2019

Newhaven Festival invites individuals to come along to an exclusive screening of Won’t Be Druv - a short film about Newhaven by Michael Smith and Maxy Bianco.

‘Come with me down to the dirty old docks, where it’s still a bit rough and raw. Out here at the margins, the edges of the country, you’ll find that strange freedom you were always looking for.’ – Michael Smith

The evening will begin with drinks and food supplied by L’Isola Buona, followed by a welcome introduction by the filmmaker, writer and poet, Michael Smith.

The short film premieres at the Newhaven Festival and uncovers some of the secrets of Newhaven, exploring why this gritty industrial town is a haven for artists, makers and innovators.

'Won’t be Druv is a tribute to my adopted home of Sussex and the proud traditions of free-thinking and creativity, a short film about that old spirit of independence, inventiveness and artistry sprouting up through the cracks of the marginal and forgotten places, in this case in the dockside warehouses of Newhaven.

'Though at first glance Newhaven may look unloved and rough round the edges, it has become fertile ground for artists and innovators to work quietly and cheaply below the radar, away from the prying eyes and rising rents that end up stifling this precarious and fragile kind of activity. At a time when this way of living is being more and more squeezed, it’s reassuring to see there’s still room for it in places like this. Long may it continue.’ - Michael Smith


6:00pm - Welcome drinks/food

6:30pm - Introductions

7:00 – 7:15pm Film screening

8:00pm - Networking and a chance to find about the support available to creative businesses

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